About Square Care Medical & Pharmacy

Square Care Medical and Pharmacy is a whole being wellness health center that is locally owned and operated. Dedicated to the well-being of our community members, friends, and family.

Square Care Pharmacy offers full retail pharmacy services including but not limited to: prescriptions, compounded medications, travel health and Immunizations and hard to find nutritional multivitamins.  Our patients will come to enjoy a personal level of caring from a staff with more than 30 years of Healthcare experience.

Live within the Vancouver area? Our friendly staff will deliver your prescriptions right to your door.

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Why Square Care Medical and Pharmacy ?
Our staff lives in the community we serve. We often know our patients on a personal level. For our patients, we are their health care experts. We have designed our services to fit the need of our patients.
  • Local free delivery
  • Friendly independent pharmacy serving
    Vancouver area and the neighboring communities.
  • Simple, Easy and Convenient
  • We have a low price generic plan.
  • Fast STD Testing
  • Hard to find Vitamin products
  • Pharmacy Compounding

Our Areas of Focus


Fulfill all regular and specialty prescription needs for you and your family.


Receive travel destination-specific information and trip/evacuation insurance to ensure a safe and healthy vacation/travel experience


Be proactive and know your numbers! Manage and monitor your labs through our partner professionals. No appointments needed and physician lab orders are provided.

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