Mark Cuban Cost Plus

How does the Cuban Card work?

The patient/member will bring in their Cuban Card with a unique member ID, BIN, and PCN # on it, along with their prescription. The card should look like the following:


The pharmacy processes the claim as it would any other prescription benefit card via adjudication. The member or user of the Team Cuban Card pays the copay. If the drug is not covered, the pharmacy can offer to use any other card (benefits card of course subject to a contract between your pharmacy and that PBM) or your pharmacy’s own Usual & Customary cash price that the member chooses.

Do members still need their primary insurance or Medicare drug plans?

At this time, yes, the member would still need their primary insurance. The Team Cuban discount card is not insurance. The Team Cuban Card currently only covers specific drugs at participating pharmacies. Members or users cannot combine the Cuban Card with any other discount cards or prescription benefit cards for their prescriptions at this time

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