Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccines: Children with asthma are at higher risk for flu and pneumococcal disease. Getting vaccinated can significantly reduce the chances of complications and asthma attacks during the school year. The flu shot is needed annually, while the pneumococcal vaccine requires a booster shot every few years.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Children aged 6 months or older should get the COVID-19 vaccine, especially if returning to in-person learning. Studies show that people with asthma are not at increased risk of severe COVID-19, but it’s still crucial for their safety. Choose Pfizer or Moderna for those aged 6-17, and Novavax or Johnson & Johnson for 18 and older.

Reasons to Vaccinate: Vaccines offer protection against various infections, including the flu, pneumonia, and COVID-19. They are a vital part of managing asthma and preventing complications. Protect your child’s health and school performance by getting them vaccinated.

Back-to-School Preparation: Don’t wait until the last minute! Schedule your child’s vaccinations now, as they are fully vaccinated only after two weeks following the final dose. Find a local vaccination site at vaccines.gov.

Remember, getting your child vaccinated not only protects them but also helps prevent the spread of illnesses to others. Let’s ensure a healthy and successful school year for everyone!

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